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The capabilities of Visual Xpress enable you to analyze your Omega Legal data in a more in-depth and interactive way than ever before. These capabilities include such operations as:
  • Filtering the information to focus on key items of interest
  • Sorting to rank and prioritize the information based on importance
  • Creating on-the-fly calculations to express numbers in useful ways
  • Grouping and aggregating to summarize the data for a top-level view of the situation
  • Drilling-down to view the details of the underlying data for more in-depth analysis

Starting with a view of “the big picture”, you can quickly drill-down to more detailed underlying data that may pinpoint or explain the cause of the overall performance.
Uncovering the “whys” behind the data enables the firm to make sound business decisions that will have a positive effect on its future success. This newfound knowledge will enhance the firm’s strategic planning efforts in the following areas:

Financial Management Personnel Recruitment
New Business Development Employee Training
Resource Allocation Employee Training
Technology Investment Communication Processes
Employee Compensation Client Relationships
Last Year To Date Top 20 Clients

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Features & Benefits

Strengthen the firm’s analytical and decision-making capabilities.

Quickly & easily identify trends, make comparisons & highlight exceptions.

Gain valuable insight into the underlying causes for firm performance.

Save valuable time & effort versus current methods.

Eliminate the need for data warehousing or additional servers.

Enhance productivity with specialized interactive dashboards for each job function.