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Visual Xpress can access all of the important data within Omega Legal to help you answer key questions and make business-critical decisions, such as:

  1. Which types of clients owe us the most money for the longest period of time and to what degree is this affecting our firm’s overall profitability?
  2. What is our average length of time to bill out work performed and the average length of time required to collect? In what areas can we improve our performance?
  3. In which practice areas or types of law are we experiencing the largest write-downs and what’s causing it?
  4. What has been the trend over the last 5 years in our billing rates, realization rates, write-downs and why?
  5. What is our current total dollar exposure from potential e-bill rejections and how can we lower it?

The answers to these and other questions will provide valuable new insights to help guide your firm in a more strategic and profitable direction in the future.

New Business Development

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Features & Benefits

Strengthen the firm’s analytical and decision-making capabilities.

Quickly & easily identify trends, make comparisons & highlight exceptions.

Gain valuable insight into the underlying causes for firm performance.

Save valuable time & effort versus current methods.

Eliminate the need for data warehousing or additional servers. 

Enhance productivity with specialized interactive dashboards for each job function.