Ad Hoc Report Writer

The Ad Hoc Report Writer provides a tool to view, print or export Omega data in a variety of formats. It is a stand-alone product that is included with your Omega Legal system. It can be accessed through the separate executable installed on your desktop.

Views provide access to selected data. The available views are a collection of fields from related data tables pre-defined by Omega. When you create an Ad Hoc Query, you must select a View to specify the areas of the Omega database from which you wish to extract information. Examples of Views are:

  • Contacts View - Provides access to Contact ID, Contact Name, Addr1, City, State and Zip.
  • WIP Fee Detail - Provides access to WIP hours and amounts by work date for each Attorney within a Client/Matter.

A Preview button is provided to display all of the data fields available in a particular View. When selecting a View, a check mark in the E-Merge Ready column indicates that E-mail addresses are included in that View and are available for the Merge Omega Data with E-mail process.

Ad Hoc Report Writer Resources: