Meet Ryan Downing

Ryan Downing

As a kid, Ryan wanted to be a farmer. This second generation Phoenix native loves animals and enjoys being outside. Growing up, he’s had turtles and fish, but never any animal larger. He never thought then, nor even in college, that he’d be doing what he’s doing now as his career.

While in college, he thought that he’d end up on the tech-end of the computer science business, and now he finds himself working closely with Omega clients. He has the knowledge of the tech-side to the business, but his easy going and friendly personality is better suited to the service side of things.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Ryan in his own words:

What was your first job at Omega? “I started working for Omega about five years ago in the client services group. I enjoyed that job immensely because I was learning something new every day and every day was never the same as the day before. It was never a boring or predictable job.”

What position do you currently have at Omega? “I’m currently in the training group. In this role, I deliver the new training for clients who are installing Omega Legal. I like the travel involved with this job, and have enjoyed meeting all of the people at the various firms. It’s rewarding to help someone learn ways to do their job easier and more productively.”

What position are you transitioning into? “I’m moving over to Omega’s project management team. I’m excited about this transition because I will truly be able to see everything evolve for our clients from the very beginning. From evaluating their current software to migrating their data to Omega Legal, it will be interesting to see the positive changes and watching how these changes greatly impact the firm’s day-to-day operations and workflow.”

What was your very first job? “I worked as a stocker at Popular Outdoor Outfitters.”

What do you do when you are not hard at work at Omega? “I enjoy spending time with my great group of friends. We love to play basketball. I’m very involved with my church and I try to find time to travel for pleasure and not always business”

What are your favorite travel destinations? “Pretty much any beach will do. I find the beach so relaxing and recharging.”

What car do you drive? “I drive a Dodge pick-up, and yes, everyone is always asking me to help them move! In fact, I had just bought my new truck, but had not sold my first truck. I would have had two trucks sitting in my driveway, but people were always asking to borrow my truck to move or help their friends and family move. I almost never saw that truck. Thinking back I should have charged a rental fee and made some extra cash. Oh well…”

What is your favorite restaurant? “If I'm not paying, Ruth Chris Steakhouse.”

What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Knowing with Nicolas Cage, and I really don’t recommend that anyone go see it.”

What's it like working at Omega? “I truly like coming to work in the morning. It’s a friendly place to work, and we have a great group of clients. I like being able to help people understand how Omega software can help them do their jobs better and make their work lives easier. Honestly, I never knew that the Legal Software industry would offer me such a great career niche, and never thought that I would find my job so rewarding. It’s a great company with great employees and clients and provides great product. What more could I ask for?!”