Meet Donna Higgs

(Note: This new column will help you better get to know the Omega employees with whom you may interact. Donna’s popularity with the clients made her an easy first choice!)

When Donna Higgs joined Omega in 1999, she had 25 years of experience in customer service but absolutely no background in either computing or accounting. “Hearing computer and accounting lingo was like I was entering a foreign country every day; I couldn’t understand a word,” she said. “In fact, when I first started, I thought turning off my monitor meant I was shutting down my computer. Seriously. I felt like the joke of Omega.”

As they say, “she’s come a long way, baby.” The 58-year old mother of three and grandmother of nine, who was hired to create the early stages of the company client services team, now actually helps troubleshoot computer issues for Omega clients, and these clients consider her one of the most popular client services representatives the company has.

Debi Young, client services manager, agrees. “It’s great to hear clients say how appreciative they are with Donna’s empathy and concern. She is the consummate client services representative.”

All of this new knowledge might have come at a price, however. “Every time I learn something new, I have to forget something old because my brain is filled up,” Donna confesses, tongue in cheek.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Donna:

Married? I’ve been married to Herb for 15 years. He’s a carpenter.

Where Do You Live? We live in Maricopa, 50 miles outside of Phoenix, on 2.5 acres of property. I commute in every day.

Any Animals on that Land? We have silky chickens that give us four eggs a day, a peacock that was given to us by Omega’s Debi Young, and three dogs.

Favorite Activities? After all that driving during the week, I do enjoy some quiet time at home but I’m also very active with my grandchildren and their activities (baseball, soccer, bowling). I also admit I’m a bingo freak! I play at least once each weekend at Harrahs, which is 10 minutes from my home. For Christmas my sister even got me a shirt that reads, ‘Get out of my way, I’m on my way to the casino’.”

Do You Like Working at Omega? I love it! There’s always something new so I’m never bored. I enjoy working in a team environment. Our Client Services Group is a close-knit team and we help each other help our clients.

What’s Your Motto? “It’s not the number of years in life, it’s the life you put in the years.”