eCop automates the billing review process to help you catch errors before they are billed. Users are informed of billing rule violations and then provided with on-screen guidance on how to resolve the non-compliant entries.

eCop saves time by eliminating most manual checking that you currently perform. It's designed to save firms money by significantly reducing the number of time entries rejected, adjusted, appealed, or written-off after being billed.

eCop includes the following capabilities:

RuleSet Editor - The RuleSet Editor allows you to create user-defined RuleSets that can be shared among clients or created for individual clients or matters. RuleSets can contain one or more rules that look for potential problems, such as:

  • Unauthorized timekeepers
  • Preapproval required
  • Incorrect wording
  • Block billing

Real-Time Rules Validation - Real-Time Rules Validation gives users the ability to instantly validate time and cost entries as they are being saved, so that violations can be corrected immediately.

On-Demand Rules Validation - On-Demand Rules Validation gives you the ability to select time and costs entries before and/or after being applied to validate against rules, with the option to correct violations.

Batch Rules Validation - An optional nightly routine that validates all unbilled time and cost entries against rules. Batch checking is set up at the user level. It is handled through the Visual Xpress Data Manager.

Exception Center - The Exception Center is a central location billing administrators can use to review all existing rule violations. Options are available to correct items.

eCop Resources: