Event Notification provides automated notification of Events that occur within the Omega application, coordinating your workstation-based Omega Event Notification Event creation, management, and scheduler software, and the Omega server-based Event monitor software. Event Notification can report only against the Omega/Cache database and cannot be used to report Events within other third-party databases.

Events are SQL queries that are constructed in an English-like syntax. Examples of Events that happen in Omega for which it might be useful for you to create notifications might include:

  • When a specific invoice has been paid in full
  • When the current monthly activity in a specified G/L account has exceeded a certain dollar value
  • When a new matter is opened for a certain type of law
  • When the balance in a checking account is less than a certain dollar value
  • When a working attorney’s timesheet is late according to firm criteria entered during Event creation.

Recipients of Event Notifications are entered into a distribution list. You can determine whether the message is delivered either directly to the recipients by e-mail, or by the Event Notification Instant Notifier, which places an icon on the user’s desktop when a message has arrived so they can view it in a dialog box.

Event Notification Resources: