Imaging provides image acquisition and storage, advanced image redacting (editing) functionality, and printing capability. Imaging contains the Imaging Manager, which provides a powerful image editing toolset. All functions related to image manipulation are performed from within the Imaging Manager. You can run the Imaging Manager as a stand-alone application or launch it from within Omega Legal.

Depending on your workflow, there are several ways to use Omega Imaging:

  • Multiple images with barcode IDs are scanned and stored as documents in a predefined database. The scanning can be performed before or after A/P invoice entry within Omega Legal. The barcodes are used to link the documents to specific invoice items.
  • An individual image can be scanned and stored at any location in your firm’s network. The image is imported into the Imaging Manager and then linked to an invoice through A/P invoice entry.

You can modify documents using the redacting functions in the Imaging Manager so that only the item(s) pertinent to the particular client and matter are included. In this way, you may effectively tailor one image for multiple clients and matters.

When printing a client’s bill, the document linked to the invoice’s distribution item is printed.

Imaging Resources: