Meet Mary Steele

Mary Steele

Having been with Omega for almost 12 years, Mary is a familiar face (or voice) to many clients. You may know her from attending an EdCon session, talking to her on the phone, or watching a product webinar or demo. Mary is Omega’s resident product expert.

Mary started her career with Omega in 1999 as a Senior Project Manager working on upgrades and new client implementations. Eight years later, she became Product Manager where her responsibilities grew to include everything from working with Development on designing new products and enhancements to managing beta sites to overseeing the general release of products.

Recently, Mary was named Manager of Product Services. In this new role, Mary’s responsibilities have expanded to include handling requests for custom reports and programs and ancillary product sales, in addition to continuing her function with Development. Along with the continual variety and challenges her new position provides, Mary really enjoys creating relationships and working directly with clients to help meet their needs.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Mary in her own words:

What do you enjoy most about your new role at Omega? “Variety keeps me interested, and solving problems for clients gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I really enjoy talking to our clients and prospects, hashing through a topic, and coming up with ideas to make their work lives better. Many times, these exchanges turn into software enhancements that benefit everyone or even exciting new products as was the case with eCop.”

How long have you been with Omega and what do you consider being your greatest accomplishment? “The end of 2010 marks 12 years at Omega. I never stayed at any job longer than 3 years before, so making it this long is a major accomplishment for me!”

What was your background before joining Omega? “I started out as a dental hygienist because I thought I wanted to be an orthodontist, and going to hygiene school was less of an investment in case I didn’t like it. Turns out it wasn’t my cup of tea, so I took some aptitude tests and the results came back that I was better suited for banking, management, accounting or music. Armed with that information, I went back to school. Accounting 101 was like a revelation for me – it just made so much sense and was so easy. I went on to become a CPA and practiced in public accounting and private industry for 12 years before coming to Omega.”

What was your very first job? “I worked at a Baskin Robbins two blocks away from the beach during the summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school. We could eat as much ice cream as we wanted while on shift and take it home, too. Unfortunately, I gained 30 pounds that summer.”

Where did you attend college? “I skipped around quite a bit trying to “find myself”, but I eventually got my bachelor’s degree from Mundelein College (now part of Loyola University) in Chicago, Ill.”

Tell us about your pets? “As a child, I was highly allergic to many foods and animals. We got a Boxer puppy but had to return it to the breeder after 3 days. In adulthood, the allergies abated and I started making up for lost time. We now have 6 dogs (5 Jack Russell Terriers, 1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and a cat and, yes, I’m certifiably crazy, but very happy.”

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? “It used to be golf, which was the main reason I moved to Arizona. But now I’m kind of like a soccer mom for dogs. I spend a lot of time training for and competing in dog agility trials and that keeps me and the dogs in shape. My husband and I enjoy going to various parts of Mexico for vacations, but I think we’re going to venture off to Costa Rica next.”