With Omega's Menu Designer, you design an unlimited number of customized menus using simple drag and drop techniques. This allows you to set up menus to meet the specific needs of your staff. For example, you may want to design a menu to be used only for time entry and matter inquiry, or a special accounts payable menu that offers quick access to certain options.

Building a menu is simple: you select from a list of categories available in your Omega Legal system and then select which commands to place on a toolbar.

After building and saving a menu, you can then set up the specific user profiles that can access it.

You can specify a menu to be a template, so when you initially create a menu, it contains the basic items you will need.

  • Start by choosing File > New to display the Customize dialog box.
  • Select and drag menu commands to the menu bar and/or toolbar.
  • Right-click on a menu item or toolbar item to add sub menus, edit properties, reset properties, delete items, or rename items.
  • Continue this simple process, adding additional menu actions and submenus as needed.

Choose File > Save to display the Save As dialog box, which allows you to enter a name for your new menu and save it.

Menu Editor Resources: