The Report Scheduler allows you to create, schedule, print and edit named groups of reports that are drawn from the list of all standard and report writer reports available in Omega Legal. Report Scheduler offers you a great deal of flexibility in running your reports:

  • You can define an unlimited number of Report Groups, each group containing any number of reports.
  • You have a wide range of recurrence and frequency parameters to control when and how often a group is processed. For example, you can run reports with similar recurrence patterns at the same time, such as end-of-month general ledger reports or statistical reports.
  • You can print reports using two methods:
    • Print to a pre-designated e-mail distribution list. Since Report Groups may contain confidential information, by default Report Scheduler does not print scheduled group output directly to a printer, where reports might accidentally be left too long or even forgotten. Instead, the output from a scheduled Report Group is routed through e-mail to a distribution list that you create when you define the group. The e-mail contains the report, or reports, as file attachments that are ready for printing.
    • Print Report Group reports on demand, from your local workstation to your local printer. This means you can print Report Groups at any time, such as prior to the scheduled time. Alternatively, you can print a Report Group that has no schedule and is only printed on an “on-demand” basis.

You can export Report Groups as pdf, rtf, txt, htm, csv, or xls files.

Report Scheduler Resources: